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Svishtov - the southernmost point of the Danube River

The geographical position of Municipality of Svishtov is one of the major factors influencing its development and defining the concrete historical fortune of the local population and the area. Svishtov is situated at the southernmost point of the Danube river (430 and 37' northern latitude), which means the shortest connection from the Danube river, through Stara Planina Mountain and the valley of Maritsa River to the Aegean Sea. The first settlers came to this area during the middle neolith (3000-2600 B.C.).

The lay of the region is hilly and flat. The average altitude is 130 meters. Svishtov - Belene lowland is situated in a moderately continental climatic region. It is characterized by strong cold spells in the winter and very hot days in the summer. This is the place where one of the biggest average annual temperature amplitudes for Bulgaria has been read - 25.50 C. The average number of the foggy days during the year is 43.

Svishtov on the map
Svishtov on the map

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16.05.2014 old
Откриване на Нове
Осми фестивал на античното наследство "Орел на Дунав" и откриване на проект "Нове - сърцето на легиона"

22.09.2011 old
Програма на празниците на града "СВИЩОВСКИ ЛОЗНИЦИ 2011"

27.05.2011 old
Fourth Festival of Ancient Heritage

The Fourth Festival of Ancient Heritage Eagle On The Danube is going to be held in May, 27th to 29th, in Svishtov. More information about the event at

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