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Sts. Peter and Paul Monastery

The construction of Church “St. St. Peter and Paul” started in 1644 (according to the inscription inside the church). During its renovation in 1923 there were found wall-paintings, some of which present the images of Mathew Besaraba and his wife Elena. The building is oriented with its longer axes along the horizontal of the terrain, so its southern wall hangs above a ditch. Because of the characteristics of the site the yard of the church extended northwards, this under normal circumstances contradicts the tradition. The church was digged into the earth. It is a cultural monument together with the iconostasis and the wall-paintings.
Svishtov on the map
Svishtov on the map

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16.05.2014 old
Откриване на Нове
Осми фестивал на античното наследство "Орел на Дунав" и откриване на проект "Нове - сърцето на легиона"

22.09.2011 old
Програма на празниците на града "СВИЩОВСКИ ЛОЗНИЦИ 2011"

27.05.2011 old
Fourth Festival of Ancient Heritage

The Fourth Festival of Ancient Heritage Eagle On The Danube is going to be held in May, 27th to 29th, in Svishtov. More information about the event at

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