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Svishtov is a town in northern central Bulgaria, on the right bank of the Danube River. This is the most southern place on the banks of the Danube River and the most southern harbour on the Danube in Bulgaria. 


The town is the third largest in Veliko Tarnovo district after the towns of Veliko Tarnovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa. It is also the administrative centre of Svishtov Municipality. 


Distances between the town of Svishtov and some major cities:

  • from Sofia - 237 kilometers (147 miles)


  • from Plovdiv – 253 km (157 miles)


  • from Ruse - 90 km (56 miles)


  • from Veliko Tarnovo - 85 km (52 miles)


  • from Pleven - 80 km (50 miles)


  • from Varna – 250 km (155 miles)


  • from Burgas – 295 km (183 miles)


  • from Zimnicea (Romania) – 2 km across the river (1 mile)


  • from Bucharest (Romania) – 170 km through Ruse (106 miles)


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Svishtov on the map
Svishtov on the map

Events calendar

16.05.2014 old
Откриване на Нове
Осми фестивал на античното наследство "Орел на Дунав" и откриване на проект "Нове - сърцето на легиона"

22.09.2011 old
Програма на празниците на града "СВИЩОВСКИ ЛОЗНИЦИ 2011"

27.05.2011 old
Fourth Festival of Ancient Heritage

The Fourth Festival of Ancient Heritage Eagle On The Danube is going to be held in May, 27th to 29th, in Svishtov. More information about the event at

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